Support local businesses in New Braunfels, Texas

Support local businesses in New Braunfels, Texas
Isabel Guzman:
Hi, everyone. Once again, I’m out in the community. So excited to feature another local business here in New Braunfels. Today, I am at NB Tortilleria, which is a restaurant that has been around for 50 years. If you have never visited, this is your opportunity. You have to come. I’m here with Johnny, the owner, and I can’t wait to sit and talk with him.

Like I said, guys, I am at NB Tortilleria today with the new owner, Johnny. Johnny, thank you so much for joining me today. Tell me about your restaurant. Johnny:
New Braunfels Tortilleria, 50 years ago was just a tortilla factory pretty much. And they sold barbacoa and made tortillas. Now, 50 years later, it has integrated into a Mexican restaurant. We are a Mexican restaurant here in New Braunfels that go in and feed you Mexican foods from barbacoa, carne asada to the basics has bean and cheese, potato and egg, whatever gets your day started. We have in enchiladas, carne asada, barbacoa made daily, fresh. Menudo is a hometown favorite here. If you love any of that stuff, Mexican style, come on down. We’ve got you covered.
Isabel Guzman:
As you just heard, they have all the traditional Mexican food. It’s super yummy. You have to come check it out. And not only that, but they do a creative twist on them sometimes. Today we together are featuring their latest creation, which is a heart shaped taco platter. And I thought this was such a neat item on the menu, especially right now during COVID. It’s February guys, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I thought, why not feature this platter to help you get creative about celebrating Valentine’s Day with your family.

We all have to take precautions and do different things this year to celebrate. Come out and order or call and order this fun heart shaped taco platter. How yummy does this look, and how fun? I bet your kids will absolutely love it. Johnny, one more question. I just saw a platter pass by that I have never seen before. You’ve got to explain that to me. And what is that? Johnny:
Okay. That is actually a Super Kono. The super Kono, we used to have at our previous restaurant and we brought it back. Now this is the home of the Super Kono. Super Kono is a taco that weighs about a pound and a half to two pounds, depending on what you put in there. And it’s just, you’ve got to be hungry to eat that thing. You probably won’t eat for the rest of the day, but it will fill you up and it is delicious. You can make it whatever you’d like. We also have, talking about that, a what is called a flaming Guapo. Now, for those of y’all that don’t know what that is, it is a stuffed burrito. It’s stuffed with rice, beans, beef, fajita, queso and hot Cheetos. If any of that kind of makes your mouth water, come on down and we can get that into your tummy.
Isabel Guzman:
Wow. That sounds amazing. I don’t know that I can handle such a big dish. My husband, however, he will love to come by and have some of that. All right, guys, I know you’re hungry. Come check it out. I’ll post the address, the location, the phone number on this post, on this video. Make sure you come visit. I want to thank Johnny for making this video with me and guys introducing Fallon, his wife, please come check it out and support your local business. I’m Isabel, realtor with EXP Realty, bringing you your community.
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